Temporary Tattoos or Permanent Body Art,what´s the right choice?

Funky hairstyles, piercings and tattoos are the declaration of the youth (also quite a few adults). Everyone wants to stand apart from the crowd and wants to be noticed and there are many ways to do it. Tattoos of his body is only one of them. Some - get it done for shock value or to draw attention instantly. Tattoos proclaiming rebellion through weird drawings or just love a love with a heart and arrow, you can wear your heart on your sleeve, literally! Tattoos allow you to get in touch with the playful and creative side of his personality, but even gives you a platform to express their anxieties.

But do they have any relevance in today's society? You bet. Just think about it. If you have ancestry dating back to the Aborigines in Australia who actually get to flaunt their wealth.

As we all know, tattooing has come to be regarded as an art form. Body art is as popular as a means of any other art form. What was once common practice alley viewed with suspicion and contempt filled now held in high esteem.

Other important benefits are that tattoo helps to camouflage bad skin and baldness, but also known to hike self-esteem (especially in women) and trust. It also helps to foster a spirit of unity and belonging. However, permanent tattoos, is not without its drawbacks. Tattooing has been celebrated as the number one culprit for spreading the deadly hepatitis C virus, for instance.

Most tattoo artists are not fully aware of the toxic levels of dyes and chemicals used during the tattoo process. Sure, your tattooist may be consistent needles and putting on disposable gloves, but may not be necessarily addressing the toxicity of the dyes used. Please note that 'raw' dyes and colors can give HIV infection, leprosy and melanoma, not to mention ulcers and a host of skin problems.

When you walk into that popular tattoo parlor in your neighborhood, next time, you have to pre-insure its owners follow the rules of strict health and hygiene. Or better yet, you can go in for temporary tattoos.

Just think about it: what you really need heavy bandages to restrict their movement, even when you just want to zero to inaccessible places, itchy? Do you really want to feel anxiety of thinking that the disease could be contracted by the foreign element that has just entered your body?

Consider another fact: permanent tattoo proclaiming his ex-love will not be a pleasant sight to your current love interest. Worse, you could be rejected by a coveted job because the interviewer does not agree to striking tattoo marks you give your personality. More alarming, some symbols might get misinterpreted in other cultures and, unknowingly, you could become an unnecessary victim of hate crime. What to do in these cases? Go on an expensive laser hair removal solution and extremely painful? Or the even more intense pulsed light therapy?

The good news is that alternatives are much cheaper and available absolutely painless. These are, as you know them, temporary tattoos. As the name suggests, temporary tattoos do not have a lasting effect on the skin. Because the dyes used are glued to the skin with the help of adhesive does not irritate the skin, tattooing becomes a painless exercise. Temporary tattoos are also considered safer compared to reality, while reservations have been expressed in some quarters.

Steadily increasing in popularity is the airbrush mode of temporary tattoos. The basic operating principle here is to place a template on the skin patch, which is filled by the painting of the airbrush gun. In addition, the template can use the same for temporary henna tattoos and Glitter tattoos.

What are the advantages of temporary tattoos? First, it is absolutely painless, although the airbrush instrument points towards you and not threatening, like a real tattoo gun.

Temporary tattoos are also comparatively much safer, because the colors are painted on the skin and not under it. This means that you will not get pus or blood oozing from multiple points on the skin. Make sure you approach someone who enjoys good reputation in the business.

These fake tattoos can be self applied anywhere on your body. You can buy any available design and tattoos, and transfer the water through their skin. Temporary tattoos, which are not different from water transfer tattoos are available as brightness and crystal tattoos. You just need the box, his supporting role, and apply any part of your body. The best part is, if you buy the tattoos of a reputable company, the adhesive used is also completely safe for the skin.

Finally, you can remove the temporary tattoos at will with the help of oil or cream. Most temporary tattoos will stay on for weeks or less and gradually fade.

Therefore, make a decision: Do they now want to go through the agonizing pain just to get that permanent splash of color in your body and remain bandaged for days with the possibility of infection?

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