Say it all with a Tattoo

As many of you could imagine now, tattoo is actually a practice that has suffered time and criticism.
We do not know exactly how many years or centuries, the world has awakened tattooed body parts. But the more we can see now (for which other resources can call otherwise) is the remainder of the mummified iceman dated as far back as 3300 BC. The Egyptians, however, with the Nubian mummies records tattoo have only been known to only about 2,000 years. For other cases, the classical authors lose information about the existence of the practice among the first Britons, Gauls, Thracians and Germans.
The discovery by Europeans led to the widespread acceptance of the practice in the Western world. However, since tattoos have been closely associated with criminals, hackers and the likes, it was not as welcome among other companies. And without doubt, this is the view that went with the passage of years.
Obviously, individuals, societies and cultures have quite different meanings with the practice of tattooing. Although it is generally seen as an instrument of self-expression through body decoration. For some groups, tattoos are used as benchmarks to signify social status of an individual. For some, it means that particular rite of passage into manhood entering (or woman).
Although modern methods of tattooing have the use of a machine to create injections of skin ink, more primitive methods include literally scare the skin to produce bruising where the pigments are located. With the most advanced among the tribes who use the practice methods, metals are used to scrape the surface of the skin and soothe is the typical marker.
Fortunately, we do not need to feel extreme pain with these techniques. Nowadays, tattoos are made by punching the ink into the dermis layer of the skin using a needle. Now what we see is the ink remaining.
While the skin seems to be more of the ink, the reverse is true. The dermis where skin cells are more stable does not renew (or scrub). That is why, once the skin is stained with ink, the tattoo will stay set in it for life.
It may be noted that the fundamental principle propel the process is modeled on the sewing machine. Tattoo machine itself is composed of a needle that conducts ink into the dermis. This solid, sterilized needle moves at an average speed of 50 to 30,000 per minute, according to the switch control motorized stand. The needle is immersed in the regular ink for continuous feed and is then punched into the skin.
Most concerns while undergoing the tattooing process is focused on the security of the person. This is mainly because the skin is susceptible to infection when injured. And that's exactly how the process goes. Moreover, all the paraphernalia used to hold great potential for contamination. That is why it is important that 1) all disposable items are used once and thrown 2) All items are subjected to sterilization after each session.
The tattoo begins with describing the pattern. Naturally, this is the process by which the tattoo artist shows his courage. Clear lines must have the proper depth, otherwise the skin can not absorb the ink properly and the image blurring may occur.
Afterwards, the artist continues with shading design. Color is then added in the finish.


Zodiac Signs: Visions Eternal Tattoos

The signs of the zodiac ... the eternal symbolism of how the man wants to take control of their own destiny. The irony is tat he seeks the direction of supernatural concepts.
In our era of rational and scientific thinking based on concepts, there is still a great mystery why people entertain everything else works. There may be inherent in man that follows omens, the positioning of celestial beings and mysterious signs contemplating his existence.
The zodiac signs are pictorial representation of what the fate of a man is like by the time of his birth. Both the eastern and western regions to adopt this system to predict events in a specific length of time.
While zodiacs may appear in other names, Greek names seem to be more popular. These are the signs of the zodiac in alphabetical order:

Ship Aquarius WaterAries-RamCancer-CrabCapricorn marine monsterGemini-pairLeo-lionBalance-balanceFish and fishSagittarius bow or bow and armed with a bowScorpio-scorpionTaurus bullVirgo-girl
These names and photographs that have them have been of great interest in many areas, especially in the arts. How many times have we seen endless pictures of individual representations regarding the signs of the zodiac? And why, with all the choices that we have asylum seekers and tattooists similar nature are fond of sports and creating such designs?
These two issues can not contain as many mysteries from those covering each performance. Zodiac signs are evaluated as design options primary tattoo because anyone can attach their identity to each of the zodiac signs.
And that, my friend, is a good characterization in choosing a tattoo design.
When we find a self-identification in an object, he learns to associate with the concept. He now has sufficient reasons even he did not believe the concept of the zodiac themselves to adopt the signs.
In addition, signs of the zodiac were great sources of creative images. There may be thousands of performances created for the 12 individual signs. Some may be more artistic and creative than others all the possessions of individual artistic impressions that are inseparable elements they display.
Apart from the values ​​they create (such as fish or fish for Leo the Lion), they also cover the four main components that are expected to lead the whole of creation and the universe itself.
For the element of fire zodiac signs are included Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. These people who are enthusiastic coverage, fiery, romantic, self-sufficient, assertive and have the property of force.
Included in the element of water are Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces is said to be receptive, intuitive, deep, sensitive, support, emotional, sensitive, self-indulgent, depressed and self-pitying. They have a strong tendency to be influenced by their immediate environment.
The air element Libra, Gemini and Aquarius in his side. These people are intellectuals, great communicators, open-minded, idealistic, objective, impartial, practical and cool.
The earth Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are earthy, conservative, practical, sensual, materialistic and dull.
Apart from that we have listed here, there are other attributes that are directly linked with the signs of the zodiac and the elements that overlap.
With all this being said, it is easier to say why tattoos zodiac signs are perpetual choice among tattoo seekers, they can be easily associated with the nature of the person itself.


Symbolism of Tiger Tattoos

The symbolism of tiger tattoos
From the book "The Da Vinci Code" came out, people have begun to show an increased risk for different meanings and symbolisms behind the images they see in their daily life interest.
It is not a mystery that we humans like to use images to convey hidden meanings in the world.
We like the use of pictures and drawings showing our personalities and characteristics.
Evidence of this can be seen in tattoos.
In Asia, especially, tattoos have a meaning other than aesthetics. Tattoos are said to be the link between the physical body and spiritual human being. Specific tattoos are trying to highlight the "internal characteristics" of a person.
The tiger tattoo holds a high position in the Asian symbolism. Most often, it is considered to show the aggressive force within each person. He holds equal status, influence at least the dragon.
While dragon tattoos represent the greatest sense of self and the realization of the good, the tiger tattoos represent the dark forces that can be found within each person.

The appearance of a dragon tattoo and tiger tattoo set may contain different meanings, depending on the position of the two symbols.

If the dragon and tiger tattoos are at an equal level, it often symbolizes balance and harmony.
If the tiger tattoo is shown irresistible dragon, this often means the triumph of interest and aggression. However, if the dragon tattoo is shown beating the tiger, it would mean a victory against the forces of darkness.
Tiger tattoos are rich in meaning and symbolism even on their own. When African and Western regions have the lion as the king of beasts, the tiger occupies the throne in Asia.
This gives tiger tattoos interpretation of power. After all, the tiger is a very powerful animal.
In light of this, some tiger tattoos represent punishment or vengeance. They show a very cruel and ruthless kind of revenge for a tiger is not something to be messed with.
The slip movements of the cat is often depicted with admirable clarity in the tiger tattoos. The same slip is the cause why the tiger represents sensuality.
A woman wearing a tiger tattoo may want to show the world its characteristics "predator". She shows her side "hunter" as a guide to his innate sensuality. And yes, men do not really have a monopoly on tiger tattoos.


Symbolism of Sun Tattoos

The symbolism of Sun Tattoos
The sun is, in every culture, a symbol considered the highest of mankind.
In any mythology, you'll see that the sun is portrayed as one of the highest in a pantheon of gods.
The sun gives light, warmth and life. Ancient civilizations revered as a symbol of fertility, vitality, and other quality that opens the way to life.
The symbol of the sun can be seen everywhere these days. Consciously or unconsciously, people have integrated design worshiped the sun on many everyday objects that we see today.
Look at the design of an electric fan, which is much like a sun design, right? Look at the view of the Vatican, a joint birthday cake, a currency, a pancake: the sun symbol tower can be seen everywhere.
Sun tattoos are very popular because they are symbols round sun and use it to describe so much more.
There are a lot of varieties of sun tattoos: leafy, simple cycle, combined with a moon, gothic, tribal, Celtic ... the list just goes on and on! As mentioned previously, each culture has its own representation of the sun and good, there are many cultures (including ancient) that exist.
The sun tattoo is preferred by many because it has a number of symbolic meanings that can be tailored to each person.
Some may choose a tattoo of the sun because of the symbolism of light and knowledge. Often the sun tattoo can be interpreted as the light of knowledge shining on the darkness of ignorance. This interpretation is, of course, preferred by intellectuals.
For others, the sun represents the cycle of life. These people get tattoos of the sun to remind them to live every day as if the sun is fast approaching. They fully live life and enjoy every possible moment.
After all, every second counts, right?
Some interpret the sun tattoos as a symbol of fertility. The sun gives life to plants and, in fact, the rest of the world. Sun tattoos are often chosen to illustrate the ability of a person to "energize" the other.
Much deeper, and yet most popular, is the interpretation of sun tattoo as a symbol of sexual fertility. It dates back to ancient Canaan, where the sun god Baal was also worshiped as a god of fertility.
If paired with a moon tattoo, the sun tattoo even further in their sexual performance. A pairing of moon and sun tattoo represents the union between men and women, both sexually and spiritually.
Sun tattoos are often used to describe the power and divine authority. The image of the sun has been used and is still used by the religious leaders.
The sun tattoo also symbolizes immortality or reincarnation. Just as the sun rises and sets every day, people believe in the idea that you can die and then rise again.
It takes root since ancient times when it was believed that the sun died at sunset and was resurrected the next day.
Sometimes the sun tattoos are more like flowers. The representation of the sun itself is a tribute to the life giving sun and the capacity of the natural beauty.
Sun tattoos are considered among the best types of tattoos that you can get. Artistically, people may have taken the picture of the sun at a very high level. After all, we all learn how to draw the sun at a very young age.