Symbolism of Tiger Tattoos

The symbolism of tiger tattoos
From the book "The Da Vinci Code" came out, people have begun to show an increased risk for different meanings and symbolisms behind the images they see in their daily life interest.
It is not a mystery that we humans like to use images to convey hidden meanings in the world.
We like the use of pictures and drawings showing our personalities and characteristics.
Evidence of this can be seen in tattoos.
In Asia, especially, tattoos have a meaning other than aesthetics. Tattoos are said to be the link between the physical body and spiritual human being. Specific tattoos are trying to highlight the "internal characteristics" of a person.
The tiger tattoo holds a high position in the Asian symbolism. Most often, it is considered to show the aggressive force within each person. He holds equal status, influence at least the dragon.
While dragon tattoos represent the greatest sense of self and the realization of the good, the tiger tattoos represent the dark forces that can be found within each person.

The appearance of a dragon tattoo and tiger tattoo set may contain different meanings, depending on the position of the two symbols.

If the dragon and tiger tattoos are at an equal level, it often symbolizes balance and harmony.
If the tiger tattoo is shown irresistible dragon, this often means the triumph of interest and aggression. However, if the dragon tattoo is shown beating the tiger, it would mean a victory against the forces of darkness.
Tiger tattoos are rich in meaning and symbolism even on their own. When African and Western regions have the lion as the king of beasts, the tiger occupies the throne in Asia.
This gives tiger tattoos interpretation of power. After all, the tiger is a very powerful animal.
In light of this, some tiger tattoos represent punishment or vengeance. They show a very cruel and ruthless kind of revenge for a tiger is not something to be messed with.
The slip movements of the cat is often depicted with admirable clarity in the tiger tattoos. The same slip is the cause why the tiger represents sensuality.
A woman wearing a tiger tattoo may want to show the world its characteristics "predator". She shows her side "hunter" as a guide to his innate sensuality. And yes, men do not really have a monopoly on tiger tattoos.