Zodiac Signs: Visions Eternal Tattoos

The signs of the zodiac ... the eternal symbolism of how the man wants to take control of their own destiny. The irony is tat he seeks the direction of supernatural concepts.
In our era of rational and scientific thinking based on concepts, there is still a great mystery why people entertain everything else works. There may be inherent in man that follows omens, the positioning of celestial beings and mysterious signs contemplating his existence.
The zodiac signs are pictorial representation of what the fate of a man is like by the time of his birth. Both the eastern and western regions to adopt this system to predict events in a specific length of time.
While zodiacs may appear in other names, Greek names seem to be more popular. These are the signs of the zodiac in alphabetical order:

Ship Aquarius WaterAries-RamCancer-CrabCapricorn marine monsterGemini-pairLeo-lionBalance-balanceFish and fishSagittarius bow or bow and armed with a bowScorpio-scorpionTaurus bullVirgo-girl
These names and photographs that have them have been of great interest in many areas, especially in the arts. How many times have we seen endless pictures of individual representations regarding the signs of the zodiac? And why, with all the choices that we have asylum seekers and tattooists similar nature are fond of sports and creating such designs?
These two issues can not contain as many mysteries from those covering each performance. Zodiac signs are evaluated as design options primary tattoo because anyone can attach their identity to each of the zodiac signs.
And that, my friend, is a good characterization in choosing a tattoo design.
When we find a self-identification in an object, he learns to associate with the concept. He now has sufficient reasons even he did not believe the concept of the zodiac themselves to adopt the signs.
In addition, signs of the zodiac were great sources of creative images. There may be thousands of performances created for the 12 individual signs. Some may be more artistic and creative than others all the possessions of individual artistic impressions that are inseparable elements they display.
Apart from the values ​​they create (such as fish or fish for Leo the Lion), they also cover the four main components that are expected to lead the whole of creation and the universe itself.
For the element of fire zodiac signs are included Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. These people who are enthusiastic coverage, fiery, romantic, self-sufficient, assertive and have the property of force.
Included in the element of water are Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces is said to be receptive, intuitive, deep, sensitive, support, emotional, sensitive, self-indulgent, depressed and self-pitying. They have a strong tendency to be influenced by their immediate environment.
The air element Libra, Gemini and Aquarius in his side. These people are intellectuals, great communicators, open-minded, idealistic, objective, impartial, practical and cool.
The earth Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are earthy, conservative, practical, sensual, materialistic and dull.
Apart from that we have listed here, there are other attributes that are directly linked with the signs of the zodiac and the elements that overlap.
With all this being said, it is easier to say why tattoos zodiac signs are perpetual choice among tattoo seekers, they can be easily associated with the nature of the person itself.