Choosing a Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are probably the best kind of tattoos around. And it is very popular too. Added to this factor, the even surface of the human back also counts as a plus in the aesthetic value of back tattoos. There are two things you need to consider in getting a back tattoo: symbolism and aesthetics. Symbolism - There are a number of symbolic meanings behind back tattoos. The placement of each tattoo often alters its meaning, and the placement of a tattoo in the back can have many interpretations. A back tattoo can mean that someone has turned his/her back on whatever the tattoo signifies. One may choose to have a tattoo of a vice or habit, an ex, and anything they wish to tell people they have left behind in their lives. In the east, having a back tattoo of an animal, or an organizational logo can mean that someone is “watching your back”. This would serve as a protection for those sporting the back tattoo. A back tattoo found near the shoulder, especially on a woman, signifies a sort of innocent sensuality. This enhances the sexual attraction to the wearer, especially if the back tattoo is revealed accidentally. Another symbolically sensual location of a back tattoo is at the small of the back. It just seems so sexy, somehow… doesn’t it? The use of back tattoo to convey hidden messages is evident in the fact that a slightly revealed tattoo on a person arouses another person’s curiosity and thus leads to social interaction. Of course, the symbolism of tattoos also involves the images themselves. With every image come a dozen or even more interpretations. You need to be careful in choosing a tattoo image that actually symbolizes or reflects your character. However, for all the interpretations of other people, you need to remember that you are the one getting the tattoo. What’s important is the meaning the back tattoo has for you personally. Everything else is just a matter of perception. Aesthetics – You need to make sure that the back tattoo you will be getting actually looks good. In aesthetics, you need to consider the skill of the tattoo artist. Some people tend to only look at the catalogues of the tattoo artist in order to see if they can get a good back tattoo. However, you also need to see examples of the tattoo artist work on actual akin. This way, you can be sure whether you are getting a quality back tattoo or not. Included in the aesthetic quality or factor of a back tattoo is its size. Some people prefer small, yet elaborate back tattoos while others choose big, yet comparatively simple ones. Some people would also prefer their back tattoos to be like frescoes on their bodies, with different elements, making a story on their backs. Colors are also an important part in back tattoos. Some people prefer “earth” colors, blending those colors with the color of the skin and thus, achieving a “natural’ look. Some people prefer to have back tattoos with colors that really stand out. This way, their skin color acts as the medium to truly express the image of the back tattoo. There are some tattoo parlors which offer colorless and 3-dimensional tattoos. More like piercing than actual tattoos, these are getting very popular because of their “modern” look.

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