So What's Your Idea of a Tattoo

It all starts with an idea. Art did. Art is a tangible product of an mental image of something. And tattoo, being a practiced art, needs to have a constant supply of ideas. The good news is man, by nature is a creative being. He is able to produce new concepts every now and then. And all his ideas, gathered into a heap, only have one effect- astounding. Many tattoo seekers often find themselves awestruck with the infinity of tattoo ideas that will present themselves once the hunt onsets. Like a bride overwhelmed with excitement on her bridal dress shopping day, a tattoo seeker will also feel an unexplained overpowering sensation that will leave one with no idea of what tattoo must be chosen. As we have earlier noted, there are endless arrays of tattoos and each one has a character (and probably a soul of its own). The key is to identify one's self to the attributes a single design posses. After all, tattoos are for self-expression. If you cannot partake with that idea, there is no sense in adopting a tattoo design that will reside in your body for eternity. Each being has a character of its own. Man has a greater sense of what he is more than any other species. If he cannot live with the attributes that were given to him from the moment the first sparks of life ignited and those that he learned to associate with himself, then the purpose of being a human is spoiled. And that being said, let us continue with saying that each design is a character in itself. Once the being and the character share the same residence within an individual's personality, then one complements the other. This is the idea that constitutes your choice of a tattoo. You can choose to have personalized tattoos, why not. Say, an I love Missy tattoo imprinted near your heart. But come to think of this: will the message have its same meaning several years from now? If you can't answer that straight then go for more universal design. The majority of people with tattoos normally decide to remove a tattoo or two because the meaning is already lost. Perhaps this is due to dissatisfaction- the bane of the tattooing industry. An ideal tattoo design would be something that will retain its essence for long. It may not last long enough to maintain its meaning but it will be long enough that you won't find reasons to have them removed. Remember, a tattoo mark is meant to be permanent. While many technologies help peel off the pigmented areas of the skin, it is still inevitable that the skin will never recover its natural state. So what's your idea of a tattoo. It can be anything. Virtually anything! So long as you are perfectly sure that there are no possibilities for disappointment. If you want to be safe, your best option would be those that feature universality yet distinctive of your own personality. The most common choice would be those of the tribal and Celtic designs. While they are very artistic in nature, they still do not posses any implicit meanings that will change afterwards. Inspired by mysteries, myths and legendary characters, perception of religion and mysticism, tribal and Celtic tattoo ideas can fit any character.

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