Cross Tattoo: a Reflection of Art and the Symbol of Your Faith

A cross. The symbol of power and spiritual beliefs. For centuries, the cross had been the symbol of faith in the Catholic world. It was adopted to be the eternal symbolism of their belief on the Christ who died and lifted the world from all its sins. In the name of the cross, many people have died regardless of their belief. It was the focal point of many battles and wars and had been the savior of many souls that were about to fall into the pit of immortal death. Our orientation to the cross is very much associated with religious perception. Even now, as we are living in the world of logic, rationalism and lessened belief towards supernatural interventions and the likes, it is still a great wonder how the symbol of the cross survive. All these further accentuate our interest towards the cross. While we are familiar with the spiritual symbolism the cross upholds, it is still good to note that its widespread use by means of body marks was first noted to have started during the crusades. In that period, travelers going to the Holy Land had their hands marked with a cross symbol (an initial trace of cross tattoos) so as to signifying their wish to be buried in the Christian manner. Nonetheless, other resources affirm that the cross even predates the coming of the Messiah. Thus, it was hailed as a pagan symbol. Many cultures, cultures that have existed prior to the BC years were known to have used some forms of the cross to represent their gods. The Aztecs, Egyptians and the Greeks alike had adopted the symbol long before the Christians did. And for many centuries, a number of civilizations are noted to have used the same symbol over and over and over again. Nowadays, the cross while still being used as the emblem of Christian faith, are one of the more powerful catholic and Christian tattoos. The pattern and designs are endless and there's no way telling how many variations have been produced over the years. All these being said could lead us to conclude what caused the cross to be one of the most popular art designs. At one look, anyone can point out that the cross is somewhat a mark of spiritual or religious importance. This probably is one reason why the majority of tattoo seekers decide to wear a cross tattoo as their initial design. Not only is the cross tattoo a safe choice because of its universal theme, it can also be transformed into more artful concepts. A good example of which is the Celtic cross. The Celtic crosses are unquestionably popular by virtue of their art alone. It may be characterized with loops, spirals, knotworks and anything where the line never begins and never ends. The Celts believed that the never ending loops and knotworks incorporated in their designs are the symbolism of the interplay between the corporeal and the spiritual world, including the continuous cycle of life itself. Celtic cross tattoos are indeed body arts within themselves. Celtic cross tattoos aside, other cross designs may be good options to permanently leave a mark on your skin. You may choose to adopt more Christian items like the Latin cross, the St. Andrew's cross and other more elaborate patterns. However, if you choose not to impress Christianity in you design, you may choose the Ankh, the Gothic, and the Tau cross.

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